Jilin is located in the northeast region of China bordering North Korea and Mongolia. The Capital City is Changchun and it also the biggest city in the Jilin Province.

Jilin is loaded with natural mineral deposits, with over 136 different types. There are large oil shale and iron ore deposits here also.

Jilin has over 26983 different plants in the province, a lot used for traditional Chinese medicines. The lumber industry in important, as well as the automobile and train manufacturing.

The weather here is very cold in the long winters, but pleasantly warm in the summer.

There are interesting cultural, religious and historical attractions, and some ethnic Korean cultures remaining from years back.

The UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Goguryeo tombs found in Ji’an, Jilin, include the Wandu, Gungnae Fortress, and the pyramidal General’s Tomb.

A favorite tourism destination. The Baekdu Mountain, especially Heaven Lake on the border with North Korea, are popular tourist destinations due to their natural scenery.

The royal tombs of the Balhae kingdom in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture. Ancient Tombs at Longtou Mountain, including the Mausoleum of Princess Zhenxiao.

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