Curacao is considered one of the Caribbean’s best islands for diving. It’s very easy to get to the water, making it far easier to enjoy.

The western part of old Willemstad, Otrabanda, is one of the most impressive and historic areas in the Caribbean. Dating from the eighteen and nineteenth centuries, Otrabanda still reflects the old Curacao. Narrow and mysterious alleys and lanes with weather-beaten monuments to a glorious past and the splendid architecture found in the already restored districts. Guided tours are given every Thursday afternoon. Many tours company offers this tour.

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Discover Willemstad, in a unique way, on our pleasure train. This unique mode of transportation takes you through the fascinating historic heart of Willemstad. You will pass interesting sights such as the floating market where Venezuelan merchants sell fresh fish and vegetables. The train then travels on to the picturesque district of Scharloo, home to successful merchants in the nineteenth century, and ends at the Mikve Israel Synagogue, the oldest synagogue in continuous use in the western hemisphere.

Discover Curasao and get some exercise at the same time! Cycle through the beautiful surroundings and the real Curacao countryside. Most of the trip is on surfaced roads, but occasionally you’ll come across a narrow track or hill, but on a mountain bike that won’t be a problem. The cycling tour ends on one of the many beaches on Curacao where you can recover from your trip and go swimming and snorkeling.

There are various organizations that offer trips to, for example, Klein Curacao, Bonaire, Porto Marie bay, Cas Abou beach, the Spanish Water and Venezuela. A sunset or snorkel trip is one of the many possibilities.

Christoffel Park Vacation Excursions: On foot: Every day, by appointment, a walk goes to Savonet/Boca Grandi and shows how the plantation system was organized, how the irrigation system worked and how these activities affected the environment.

Curacao is also home to the largest air station in the Caribbean, as well as two decompression chambers, one the largest in the Caribbean.

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