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St. Barts is a unique French island that marches to its own beat and those in the know want to keep it that way. St. Barts 14 beaches are seldom crowded, they are all public and topless bathers are the norm. Grand Cul de Sac beach has hotels and restaurants and a ton of fun watersports, like St. Jean’s Beaches that are split by the charming Eden Rock hotel.

For the best results start with our vacation planner and get connected to our Virtuoso, Travel Advisor that specializes in St. Barts. You’ll prevent costly mistakes, get the best airfare, luxury amenities, free upgrades and enjoy planning your trip. We do everything for you, air, car, hotels and transfers. On Flamands white sand beach there a few hotels among the palm trees. The quaint Corossol Village is on a beach that fishermen use to work from. For seclusion the Marigot and Lorient beaches are the favorite of family outings. Petite Cul de Sac is a quiet getaway spot.

Toiny Beach is pretty but kind of hazardous–so be careful. Gouverneur is a pleasant beach. Saline beach is backed up to high sand dunes and a great place to picknick. Colombier is a nice stroll with great views along a scenic path. Anse des Cayes Beach, in fron of the Manapany Hotel is a favorite hangout for surfers and is also a nice place for a picnic.

St. Barts doesn’t have to advertise. Its a treasured secret held close to the belt by those in the know. The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and Fords, all own villas on St. Barts. Its now a fact that tourism on the island has increased dramatically but carefully. Some nice hotels and villas have been built, but all are locally owned and managed. All are at the luxury relm. Cruise ships anchor in Gustavia’s harbor, but there is never more than one a day. St. Barts is a duty-free port with incredible boutiques.

St. Barts vacation shops close precisely at noon, not to reopen until 2:30 pm. They are all closed on Sundays. If you go the St. Barts during the Christmas and New Years holidays you’ll be blown away by the number of world class mega-yachts lined up in glistening Gustavia Harbor, the jet set opulance, and a chanpagne party atmosphere like Cannes during the film Festival. St. Barts has all the things that have traditionally drawn people to the Caribbean. It has great beaches.

The windward side of the island offers great windsurfing and sailing, board surfing, while the lee side is terrific for snorkeling, swimming and waterskiing. A St. Barts vacation has these activities – as well as adventurous scuba trips and sailing boat charters. On a St. Barts vacation you’ll be dazzled by the best restaurants in the Caribbean. One of the best things about St. Barts is the quality and tremendous variety of the food. This is true not only in numerous local restaurants, but in many local homes and villas as well, due to the unusually wide range of foodstuffs available at local grocery stores, and due to the quality of local catering services.

On your St. Barts Vacation shopping for food in can be a delightful social pastime in itself. Will you pay a premiumon a St. Barts vacation? Certainly, because you are paying for more than secluded beaches, small posh hotels and great restaurants. You are paying for the special quality of this unique getaway. Only you can decide if it’s worth it. Call 1 415 827 4981 and our Virtuoso Travel Advisors will assist you.

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