Cabo Blanco

A ranger station, south of Cabuya at the entrance to the protected area, has very good detailed maps of the preserve. With a bit of luck you may spot one of the countless animals that live there: tiger cats, agoutis, sloths, raccoons, snakes, and howler, capuchin and red-faced spider monkeys.

Near the Pacific are brooding grounds for many kinds of sea birds. Some 500 brooding pairs have been recorded along with the country’s largest colony of brown boobies, laughing gulls, terns, frigate birds, brown pelicans and other species that have become rare elsewhere. Cabo Blanco can be explored on foot or on horseback. Sendero Sueco leads to the beaches of Playa Balsita and Playa Cabo Blanco. Sendero El Barco goes from Playa Balsita to the park’s western boundary. From the sea, Cabo Blanco is instantly recognizable because of the thick coating of white bird excrement that has given it its name.

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