Curu Game Preserve

The 1,214-hectare Hacienda Curu still another attraction on the Nicoya peninsula – lies between Pochote and Paquera, the ferry harbor from which it is possible to sail to Puntarenas. The Hacienda is the private property of Doha Julieta Schutz. A part of the Hacienda has been turned over to the 84-hectare Curu Game Preserve, which includes five kilometers of coastline, combining deciduous forest, palm-lined beaches and mangrove swamps.

The preserve is home to some 120 bird species, iguanas, lobsters, crabs, chitons, large clams and turtles, all of which find the environment north of the bay hospitable. Whales can be seen in the bay, too, especially in January. The forests are home to monkeys (howler and capuchin), sloths, pumas, ocelots, agoutis and anteaters. Curu’s beaches are perfect for snorkeling and swimming.

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