The Experience

Boys will be boys, and there’s no better place to do the obligatory pre-marriage male bonding than in America’s iconic city of sin. Make a bee-line for the desert where you’ll commandeer an ATV for an extreme off-roading adventure across the dunes and open plains where speed limits don’t exist; fill a target full of hot lead at the Las Vegas Gun Range where you’ll have the opportunity to fire the same weapons used by American special operations and combat units. You’ll shoot the M249 SAW, a machine gun with a very high rate of fire; the M4, a very accurate weapon that’s pure joy to fire; the SIG SAUER P226 Pistol, a favorite in the Spec Ops and LEO communities; and the powerful SPAS-12 Shotgun. iconic 44 Magnum. driver’s seat of a roaring Nextel Cup car and rip around the Las Vegas Speedway like a real NASCAR driver; feast at a collection of the country’s highest-rated steakhouses; and seek your fortune on the casino floor where Lady Luck awaits your visit.

Fast cars, machine guns, desert racing, world-class steaks and fine wine – this is a bachelor weekend that you and your closest buddies will remember for decades to come. Your experienced team of local guides and adventure leaders will have your back while you throw yourself into high-octane daytime thrills. And when the sun goes down, you’ll return to your luxury hotel to freshen up and experience the city’s finest restaurants and bars like a celebrity.

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