From Picton the route continues west along the scenic Queen Charlotte Drive to Havelock. A nice place for a picnic on this stretch of road is at Momorangi Bay. Shortly before Havelock the Cullen Point lookout provides magnificent views over Mahau Sound to the east and the rugged Richmond Range to the west.

Havelock, at the head of Pelorus Sound, is a nice enough little town and serves as a good base for boat trips or walks in the area. One of the more popular walks is the Nydia Track. The entire walk requires two days but it is possible to walk just the section between Nydia Bay and Shag Point in five hours. Glenmore Cruises, who also do the mail boat run (full day trip), can provide boat access to the track on Tuesdays and Fridays. Seafood gourmets might note that there are more than 200 mussel farms in Pelorus Sound and the green-lipped variety found here are a real delicacy.

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