Between Scandinavia and Russia, this four season wonderland offers charming people, lovely lakes, forests and activities galore.Finland offers you the luxury of space and time – time to think, time to feel, time to just be yourself. Finland has four seasons, four different rhythms of living. A huge selection of services from the whole country in Finland Travel Guide, useful information for travel within Finland, handy hints and tips about various travel themes.

Finland is a Nordic country situated between the West and the East and offering the best of both traditions. In Finland you’ll find pure and varied nature with lots of exciting and relaxing activities. The vibrant culture provides a great variety of events and tours suited for different tastes. Finland’s congress, conference and incentive travel services are also internationally acclaimed. Helsinki, a great destination in itself, is the major city in Finland.

Finland is a Nordic country situated between the 60th and 70th degrees of latitude. By area Finland is the 7th largest country in Europe.

Owing to the vicinity of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf Stream, Finland’s climate is temperate. Summer is warm and bright. It is also season of the Midnight sun, when in the northernmost parts of the country the sun doesn’t set for a couple of months.

Winter is a season of snow and of a magical fenomenon of the nature, the Northern lights or Aurora Borealis. In winter the degrees sink below zero, but due to the low humidity, Finland’s climate is actually not so cold as temperature readings might seem to indicate.

Most important, Finland offers a lot of space, innumerate happenings both in urban settings and in nature, warmhearted people and fresh, pure and invigorating air all year round.

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