A Florence vacation will expose you to a world of incredible art —some in the medieval villages, some on canvas, everywhere you look is candy for the eyes. Florence is probably the prettiest city in Europe and is the birthplace of the Renaissance. Nowadays, the extraordinary scenery of this magnificent city overwhelms visitors at every tour.

Don’t miss Michelangelo’s David, hear the rhythm of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, and climb into the world’s first great dome. Leonardo walked the very same streets, not changed from his days. Florence has spectacular window-shopping, and lots of high-fashion boutiques. If you enjoy gelato—well its the best in the world. With our tour guide you’ll discover all the hidden gems of Florence without the stress and waiting in lines. There are dozens of masterpiece-packed museums, world class restaurants, and artisans sipping Chianti Florence has it all, all the very things you came to Italy to see in Italy.

Florence is the city of “rebirth” and “humanism”, the “Flourishing city”. Florence’s ideas of beauty through architecture have had a worldwide impact and the city has an impressive artistic legacy. Florence is a difficult city for neophytes, especially in the summer, when the sheer volume of people crammed into the tiny historic center can be overwhelming. Add to that high temperatures between mid June and mid September, endless queues to get into the main sights and some of the highest prices in Italy, and you can find yourself wondering if this place is such a good idea. But none of these challenges seems to deter the thousands of visitors that flock to the Renaissance city every year, and nor should you let it deter you.

Nearly all of the main sights in Florence lie within the centro storico. However, there is so much classic art that even given the city’s small size, it’s impossible to see it all in a short visit. Go for quality, not quantity and don’t feel as if you have to see it all. In addition, though the centro storico has more artistic treasures per square meter than any other city in the world, the city also has many more low-key charms. Take time to read between the lines by visiting its dozens of lesser-known museums, and stopping by its hundreds of historic churches. You could spend days just taking your time exploring its back streets and quieter piazzas, and seeking out local trattorias and bars.

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