Scotland, resides in the north part of Great Britain Island is a tour vacation paradise, whether it be golfing, hiking, motor touring or enjoying the delightful seafood cuisine. The people are genuine, friendly and eager to help.

Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland, but Glasgow is the biggest city. Edinburgh Castle built in the 9th century is a wonderful attraction and should not be missed. There are many other spectacular castles in Scotland to visit–or vacation in luxurious splendor.

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Another incredible historical attraction is Hadrian’s Wall built to keep the Scott’s out of the south. It didn’t work well, but was an amazing feat of construction that survives until today.

The scenery in Scotland is beautiful with pastoral green hills, lakes and streams shaded by lush stands of woods.

Fly fishing is a renowned sport here, with magnificent brown trout and salmon fishing.

Golf is also an important sport in Scotland with many of the top golf courses in the world. St. Andrews is one of the oldest and most popular courses. Glen Eagle is another. Contact us and we’ll arrange a gold trip you’ll never forget.

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