Wakaya Island

Wakaya Island is north east of Viti Levu, is a very lush mountainous island with fantastic coconut palm fringed beaches, tourquoise, crystal clear water and very friendly natives.

Wakaya Club Resort is the perfect place for an ultra-romantic getaway, honeymoon, or a private destination wedding away from the public. Perhaps spend your days being pampered in the new Breeze Spa, or enjoy a picnic on your own private beach.

Famous celebrities flock to Wakaya island to escape the ever present paparizi. Wakaya island is one of the most beautiful islands in the world, with the most friendly natives in the world.

The owner of Wakaya Club is also the founder of the world’s best bottled water, “Fiji Water” which can be found in most places in the worl now.

Wakaya Island Activities: Recreational activities include horseback riding, hiking, nature walks, scuba diving, snorkeling and deep sea fishing.

The Wakaya Club is an exclusive, ultra-deluxe resort located on the island and is considered one of the best island resorts in the world. “This is the stuff dreams are made on”

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