The Experience

Explore a land of fascinating history, varied landscapes and diverse cultural traditions on our new-for-2014 Germany tour! Journey along the Yellow Roads ,“ such as the scenic Black Forest High Road and the fabled “Romantic Road” ,“ through fairy-tale forests and past medieval castles. Immerse yourself in history in Heidelberg, Munich, Frankfurt, Dresden, Potsdam and Berlin. Take a private cruise on the Rhine; dine at a romantic Black Forest pudelstein hut; ride a horse-drawn carriage to Bavarian King Ludwig’s fanciful Neuschwanstein Castle; take a private tour of the New Green Vault in Dresden’s Royal Palace, and a special dinner in the historic German Parliament building (Reichstag). Attend a cooking demonstration ,“ or take a tour of the Mercedes-Benz Museum; enjoy a sparkling wine and picnic lunch; have lunch at a true architectural wonder, Volkswagen’s Transparent Factory; and attend a farewell reception at the German Bundestag, the national Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany. From the Rhine River valley to the mountains of Bavaria, there is something exciting every day of this in-depth two-week trip that immerses you in Romantic Germany!

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