South Shore

The South Shore of Maui is only a half hours drive from the Kahalui Airport. Here’ you’ll find Kihei, Wailea and Makena, where some of the most beautiful luxury hotel resorts in the world are nestled into secluded tropical coves.

Wailea and Makena are especially renowned for the fabulous luxury resorts and championship golf courses. Somewhat like the resorts of West Maui, this South Maui area is one long corridor of vacation condos, hotels, golf courses, tennis courts, shopping centers, service stations, supermarkets, restaurants of all kinds and much more. There are some terrific beaches all along this coast and many nice parks to enjoy.

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If your sort of adventure is settling into a comfortable condo or hotel with all the amenities and first-class service, you’ll certainly find it in South Maui.


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Regions To Visit

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