Mauritius continues to fulfill every visitor’s dream of a tropical island, from swaying palms to the dazzling blue of the ocean, balmy nights and smiling people. To help you make the most during your visit, here are some of the highlights. Festivals

Given the country’s interesting history, it is hardly surprising then that the Mauritius of today is a fragrant melting pot of peoples, languages and cultures in which colors, tastes and textures remain distinct and mutually complimentary.

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Nature: One of the loveliest gardens in the world, the island inspires visions of unspoilt natural beauty mellowing in the sun between sea and sky. Its racially diverse people is a part of the natural set up, ever beaming with the typical gentle tropical smile of sensual, carefree and contented happiness. Mark Twain recorded his poetic delight when he wrote “You gather that Mauriitius was made first, and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius”.

Diving: The Mauritian Garden of Eden is as much marine and ‘sub-marine’ as it is terrestrial. This jewel of the seas, set within the beautiful Indian Ocean, is surrounded by a precious filigree of coral, created over thousands of years from the bodies of tiny marine creatures. It’s the experience of a lifetime !

Fishing: Deep sea fishing in Mauritius – ride the ocean swells in a sleek 40-footer by day, slip a native cocktail on a white coral beach at sunset; it’s then that you will know you have discovered an angler’s paradise.

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