Palenque is a place unlike any other. Its ancient, archeological ruins and beautiful, green environment make it one of the most interesting spots in Mexico. You will never forget the once in a lifetime experiences that Palenque has to offer.

The feature most associated with Palenque is its astonishing Mayan ruins from thousands of years ago. Yaxchilan is the name of one secretive, yet well-known archeological site.

A visit to Yaxchilan will allow you to explore the Great Plaza, and the Great Acropolis, which will be an unforgettable experience. The painted walls of the Bonompak ruins provide a thorough insight into the Mayan way of life. Torina, which might be the most magnificent of Mayan ruin sites, is home to over ninety-seven individual buildings, as well as several graves and sculptures. Though Torina,™s peak of greatness occurred over a thousand years ago, much of it has survived for you to tour.

Palenque is also known for its astonishing nature and wildlife. In the thick of the Lacandona jungle there is the Reserve of the Biosphere Lacantun. Over two-hundred and thirty-five square miles are protected and filled with exotic and endangered wildlife, including the jaguar, spider monkey, river otter, humming bird, royal toucan, swamp crocodile, and many other rare species. Bordering Lacantun is a jungle paradise known as Montes Azules. Home to lagoons, waterfalls, rivers, and the tallest trees in Mexico, this one of the most naturally beautiful areas in all of Mexico. With such a thriving ecosystem, and scattered with hidden Mayan ruins, Palenque makes a magical vacation destination.

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