There is always something happening in Dubai whether it be an international sporting event, shopping, world class entertainment including festivals, music and cultural programs.

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Dubai also hosts regionally significant exhibitions and trade shows on a regular basis as well as the Dubai World Cup, international jazz festivals and the Dubai Shopping Festival. The climate in the winter is fabulous; in the summer–well, its hot. Dubai has great indoor attractions, enough to keep a person well entertained in a pleasant, cool environment. Dubai is a shoppers paradise, with the very best the work has to offer–and more. Dubai has terrific museums, with archaeological artifact dating back thousands of years. The pearl industry was very important before the discovery of the huge oil fields that now bring untold wealth the United Arab Emirates.

The city of Dubai is split into two by Dubai Creek, with the district of Bur Dubai on one side and the district of Deira on the other side of the creek. From the creek visitors are encouraged to enjoy the many stunning views of the city such as the luminous skyscrapers and the charmingly antiquated dhows.

The sightseeing in the district of Deira includes the historic quarter of Bastakia, as well as old souks and covered marketplaces. Getting lost as you wandering along the alleys is a definite must as it will allow you to explore the Spice Souk and the Gold Souk. You won,™t want to miss the Dubai Museum which is housed within the skillfully restored Al Fahidi Fort. The Dubai Museum is a must-see attraction. The Al Fahidi Fort was built in 1799 to protect the city against attack. The Dubai Museum has served as palace, a prison and now a museum. The museum collection includes depictions of Arab houses, mosques, date gardens, desert and marine life.

In the Bur Dubai district, you will want to take your family to Heritage Village which is located in the Shindagah quarter. There you can watch potters, weavers and artisans as they work at their crafts. Next door is the Diving Village which offers pearl diving and fishing as well as Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House with its unusual layered rooms and authentic wind towers. Sheikh Saeed’s House highlights the regional architecture at its best.

Driving west from Dubai you will reach the trendy suburb of Jumeirah and home to Dubai’s most luxurious hotels and resorts. With unspoiled stretches of warm sunny beaches, you will want to take advantage of the water sports concessions. Grand Mosque is located in Jumeirah. The Grand Mosque was rebuilt in 1998 with tallest minaret, nine large domes and 45 small domes is id definately a notable attraction and an important place of worship.

In the heart of the rocky Hatta Mountains approximately 46 miles southeast of Dubai is Hatta Village a 3000 year old important historical site. The village was used as defense fortress against hostile invaders. Make sure to visit the Houses of Traditional Handicrafts and Palm Products, The Castle Centre, and the 200 year old Sharia Mosque.

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