The Experience

La Bastide de Marie is located in the heart of the Domaine de Marie’s 57 acres of vineyards, offering you an idyllic break in Provence. 15 rooms, each one with a unique irresistible charm, its restaurant known as one of the best in the region, welcoming lounge areas, 2 pools, a Pure Altitude treatment room and more.

The rooms

The bedrooms in La Bastide de Marie are all exceptional places to stay. You will discover terracotta objects, unique furniture, antique lampstands and exclusive tables. For a really special experience, you could spend a Bohemian night in the “Roulotte”, or rent Villa Grenache…

Whatever the category (Classic bedroom, Bastide bedroom or Marie suite), all the rooms offered by La Bastide de Marie provide dedicated comfort and exclusive refinement. They stand out for their individual colour worlds, which extend into the bathroom and are reflected in the walls, floors and shades of the furnishing fabrics. Spaces where a concern for the aesthetic still respects the need for privacy.

La Bastide de Marie Spa: a breath of delight

Pure Altitude Spas are temples of well-being, the only ones of their kind, performing treatments using mountain plants and their natural active ingredients. Taking inspiration from the heart of the Alps, Pure Altitude’s motions and active ingredients bring you original and essential treatments. Frost Radiance Treatment or Himalayan Rose for a luminous complexion, Mineral Elixir or White as Snow for a radiant complexion… Discover treatments with semi-precious stones, rare massages, treatments that are out of this world!

A little extra revitalisation for everyone… to regain harmony of skin, body and mind…

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