The gorgeous town of Mendoza is located in the west-central part of Argentina, and is the capitol city of the Mendoza Province. The city itself is quite beautiful, but it is most famous for its outstanding vineyards and wine tasting, which draws tourists from far and wide.

The area around Mendoza is the largest wine producing region in Latin America, so wine enthusiast will be in heaven. There are countless options for wine tasting. The scenic vineyards are spread across the landscape at the foot of the Aconcagua, the largest mountain in the Americas.

Within the city, you will find an array of amazing architecture among the colonial style buildings. Mendoza is also full of high-quality, traditional hotels and resorts, and you will find options to suit any budget. Top-notch restaurants are plentiful as well, so the cuisine in Mendoza is simply delectable. Besides wine, there are several others goods to be bought at the local shops and markets. Whether it’s a honeymoon, anniversary, or simply a getaway from everyday life, Mendoza is the perfect vacation destination.

The tallest mountain in the Andes, Aconcagua is a terrific recreational area, with rafting, hiking, mountain climbing, horseback riding and skiing in the winters. There is lots of things to do and see in Mendoza, museums, historical attractions, Art Galleries and cultural activities.

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