Brazil Luxury Tours and Vacations

Brazilians are easy to love, and are exceptional friendly and exuberant people. Rio is the most popular tourism destination in Brazil, with sun lovers by the thousands flocking to the gorgeous beaches every day. Surfing comes natural to Brazilians, and they have good surf to frolic in most of the time. It’s not unusual to see young children enjoying surf that would scare most people in other countries.

The weather is warm and pleasant and if you like watching people this is a place you’ll love. Culturally, Rio has numerous attractions and exciting events, like Carnival, the Samba Classes, a huge football stadium, Sugarloaf Mountain, Ipanema and Copacabana Beach and many more.

Rio is actually the most visited tourist attraction in all of South America. There are lots of glitzy nightclubs, beach bars, fabulous restaurants, great shopping, especially for beautiful gems.

The Amazon River is a spectacular attraction in Brazil, with adventure cruises, eco-cruises, jungle cruises and luxury cruises. Brazil is renowned for its beautiful gems. You’ll see lovely jewelry being sold in all the hotels and shopping areas in Rio. You can find real bargains on amethysts, aquamarine, tourmaline and topaz, but make sure you shop in reputable stores.

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