Natal, the capitol city of Rio Grande do Norte, is major city on the coast of Brazil. Over the years it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Brazil. Visitors from around the world are attracted to this sunny city’s stunning beaches and fascinating history.

The city of Natal is home to some of the most bright, beautiful beaches in Brazil. The tropical paradise of Pipa Beach is world-renowned for its white sand, blue water, and scenic surrounding.

Those looking for a calm and quiet environment should head to Pirangi do Sul, a fishing village with a quaint, picturesque shoreline. The beaches of Natal also offer several water activities, such as surfing, snorkeling, parasailing, and wind surfing. The more popular beaches, that are located in tourist parts of the city, are also often lined with a variety of luxury hotels and resorts.

You will love touring the historic parts of Natal as well. Built in 1598, Forte dos Reis Magos is one of the most popular attractions in Natal. This breathtaking ancient fortress features not only amazing architecture, but also an incredible view over the Atlantic Ocean. Any tourist must visit the historic center in Natal, where you can find an array of colonial buildings constructed during the nineteenth century. Natal is a perfect vacation destination for history enthusiasts and beach lovers alike.

Natal is renowned for its aquamarine seas and lovely beaches, its fun parks and cultural activities. Boating, fishing, surfing, biking, hiking and touring are popular here too. There are great museums, and aquarium, a historical fort and mucm, much more to do and see here.

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