Praia do Leme

To the south of the city, located at the end of Copacabana, Leme is a vibrant and festive neighborhood, and its beach is one of the most charming and friendly beaches in Rio.

With Sugarloaf Mountain looming over the northeast, no other beach has a better view of this iconic, geographic wonder. You can even watch the cable cars go back and forth from the base to the summit. Leme is also one of the most family-friendly beaches in Rio, and children can always be found playing together or kicking a soccer ball around. There is also a platform built for fishermen, called Caminho do Pescador, since fishing is a popular hobby in Praia do Leme.

The neighborhood beside the beach is equally fun to spend time in, and you will find countless way to enjoy yourself. Forte Duque is an ancient fort that once protected the city, and today it is a highly-visited tourist site.

There are also several fantastic restaurants and grills in Leme, and the seafood of this area is simply amazing. Along the beachfront, you will also find an array of luxury hotels with fantastic views over the Atlantic Ocean.

Spending time on this pristine, white sand beach is a great way to experience the best of Rio. In Praia do Leme, you will truly discover paradise.

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