Valdivia is located where three big rivers converge. It was almost destroyed by the Great Chilian Earthquake in 1960. There is a strong German influence in the region. There are many attractions and exciting activities here, plus great food, nice restaurants and cultural activities.

Located on the confluence of three large rivers, the culture-filled Chilean city of Valdivia is a very popular tourist destination. You will find endless fun opportunities and interesting attractions in this vibrant town.

One of the most popular and iconic parts of Valdivia is Castillo de Corral, an ancient fort built in the seventeenth century by the Spanish. There are also several intriguing museums in Valdivia, such as the Museuo Histrico y Antropologico, and the Museo de Arte Contemparaneo. Parque Saval is a riverside beach that is the perfect place to spend a sunny day. Of course, riverboat cruises are very popular for tourists as well.

Since Valdivia is a growing tourist destination, the selection of hotels is plentiful. You will find many find high-end, luxury hotels, as well as some more affordable options. Valdivia is also known for its gourmet cuisine and variety of food, so finding a good place to eat will not be difficult. There also local markets that sell fresh produce and seafood, as well as hand-made goods, souvenirs, and handicrafts.

The range of sights and attractions in this riverside city makes it one of the most popular destinations in Chile. A trip to Valdivia is a trip that you will never forget.

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