This 280-square-mile (700 sq km) island is dominated by three volcanoes: Mt. Marum (4190 feet/1270 m), Mt. Benbow (3825 feet/1159 m) and Mt. Vetlam (3877 feet/ 1175 m). After eruptions in 1950, several hundred inhabitants were forced to move to Efate. Today, almost 8000 people live on Ambrym. They are regarded as exceptionally good wood carvers. Their huge slit drums (tam tam), and their sculptures made from fern tree wood, tufa and pumice stone, are famous all over Vanuatu.

The Milee Resthouse in Sanesup (south Ambrym) hires out guides for a tour into the volcanic area surrounding Mounts Benbow and Marum. In the north one can climb up to Mount Vetlam via Linbul and Ranon. The friendly Solomon Douglas Rest House in Ranon is a good base for further treks.

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