Tahiti Island

The Island called Tahiti is the biggest island and is the main island in the Polynesian Archipelago. It’s the place where all the international flights land. This extraordinary island is the perfect picture of tropical beauty, with towering, rugged mountains and very verdant valleys, hundreds of magnificent waterfalls with inviting swimming holes. There are numerous beaches and some of the best surfing in the world. Teahupoo is one of the most awesome, and dangerous surf destinations in the world. Note! Teahupoo should only be surfed by the most seasoned surfers. Tahiti Island offers a wide variety of exciting experiences.

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Papeete is the Capital City of Tahiti. The harbor is a bustling, fun place to see all the local shops, food stands and inter-island vessels coming and going from distant islands. A lot of people just hop to another island as soon as they land in Tahiti, however they are missing one of the most beautiful places in Tahiti if they do that. The towering mountains have many lovely waterfalls and are lush with beautiful tropical vegetation and fragrant flowers. In the City of Papeete has loads of fabulous restaurants to experience as well as fun night spots, The shopping is fun with great deals on Black Pearls and many other exciting gifts.  

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