La Jolla

La Jolla as a dramatic coastline and fabulous views. La Jolla was one of the first neighborhoods in San Diego to be settled, and now is some of the most valuable real estate in the California.

La Jolla is surrounded on three sides by the ocean and is backed by the steep slopes of Mt. Soledad, La Jolla has a very Mediterranean atmosphere and enjoys a mild microclimate which rarely drops below 50 degrees or exceeds 90 degrees.

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The busy La Jolla business district offers glitzy boutiques, luxury shopping, fine art galleries and cool restaurants. The residential community around La Jolla is a charming mix of turn-of-the-century Spanish architecture, upscale architecture modern designs and everything in-between.
La Jolla’s big draw, for locals and tourists alike, is the sea. In the summer and autumn months, the surf is relatively gentle, the water warms into the 70s, and the beaches at La Jolla Shores, The La Jolla Cove is very popular with swimmers, scuba divers and Bohimian surfers. In the Winter and Spring, the coast takes on a chilly mood with frequent fog and enormous winter surf.

The best place to begin a scenic drive or stroll in along Coast Blvd. Don’t miss this: at the north end, just off Prospect St., you’ll find a dirt path leading to the top of Deadman’s Bluff, or you can descend a tunnel in the basement of the old Curio Shop to visit Sunny Jim’s Cave. There are a variety of native sea birds nesting on the cliffs and loud barking sea lions sunning on the rocks below. Next is La Jolla Cove, a protected marine sanctuary with an idyllic crescent of beach sheltered from all but the worst of winter storms.

The Cove is the best place in town for a safe swim or snorkeling. Continuing south you’ll pass through the grassy Scripps Park,¬Ěstaging area for family picnics, Fourth of July fireworks and free summer concerts. Around the corner is the Children’s Pool, a man-made beach protected by a sea wall. Here, and on the rocks just offshore, you can observe the California gray seals that make the pool their home. From December to March, you’ll also have a good chance of spotting California gray whales spouting just beyond the kelp beds during their annual migration from Alaska to Mexico. Finally, if you hit it on a good low tide, you can explore the tide pools at Hospital Reef, just south of the Children’s Pool.

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