Visitors to Dover, Delaware’s Capital City, and Kent County, Delaware are pleasantly surprised by our variety of historical and cultural attractions, beautiful farmland and coastal scenery, and our curious mix of old traditions and modern high-tech culture. In Kent County, visitors can find Amish buggies on city streets, delicate shorebirds and giant C-5 Galaxy military cargo planes, quiet museums and exciting NASCAR races, arts and antiques, Colonial history, slots and harness racing. Most of our twenty delightful museums and historic sites offer free admission, adding value to your visit. Did you know we’re less than a tankful away from major East Coast cities?

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From the Amish buggies riding along the backroads to the massive aircraft on the tarmac at Dover Air Force Base, Kent County is home to the past and the future. Proud of its commitment to protect wildlife along the Atlantic flyway, and its preservation of a proud agricultural heritage, this small county offers guests a rare opportunity to revisit the grandeur of Victorian and Colonial history, to see the folk crafts lost to technology, and to experience the simple pleasures of making a living from the land. Filled with the past, but also recognizing its future, the Kent County area offers all the conveniences.

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