Visit Bennington, nestled between the Taconic and Green Mountains in Southwestern Vermont, offers unsurpassed natural beauty, three historic districts, great architecture and wonderful opportunities to explore the treasures of scenic Southern Vermont.

Explore Bennington’s Museums, Galleries, Antique & specialty shops. Tour Bennington County’s Five Covered bridges.

Play in the great Vermont outdoors where you’ll find hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, golf, canoeing, horseback riding, fishing, bicycling and swimming. Dine in Bennington restaurants from award winning fine dining to casual local favorites. Stay in our Bed and Breakfasts, Motels, Log Cabins or Campgrounds, you’ll find accommodations for every budget and lifestyle.

Drive the back roads of Southern Vermont for some fabulous views, stroll down country lanes and stop at local farm stands to get a real taste of Vermont.
Walk Bennington! A great way to take in historic sites and the history of the area. Two separate walking tours are available.

Bennington is a town located in Bennington County, Vermont. It is one of two towns, the other being Manchester. The population was 15,737 at the 2000 census. Bennington is home to the Bennington Battle Monument, which is the tallest structure in the state of Vermont.

Bennington History

The site, chartered as a town in 1749, was settled in 1761 and named for Benning Wentworth, governor of New Hampshire, who issued the grant. The settlers were led by Capt. Samuel Robinson, who camped in the river valley on his return from the French and Indian War.

The town is known primarily for the Battle of Bennington, fought during the Revolutionary War (the battle was actually fought a few miles to the west in New York). On August 16, 1777, Gen. John Starkâ„¢s 1,500 New Hampshire Militia defeated 800 troops of German mercenaries, local Loyalists, Canadians and Indians under German Lt. Col. Friedrich Baum. German reinforcements under the command of Lt. Col. Heinrich von Breymann looked set to reverse the outcome, but were prevented by the arrival of Seth Warnerâ„¢s Green Mountain Boys; the Vermont militia founded by Ethan Allen.

There are three historic districts within the town today: Old Bennington, Downtown Bennington and North Bennington. Of these, Old Bennington is the original settlement, dating back to 1761 when Congregational Separatists arrived from Connecticut and Massachusetts. In the early 1800â„¢s , Downtown Bennington started developing, and by 1854 the countyâ„¢s population had reached 18,589.

In 1891, the Bennington Battle Monument was opened. The monument is a 306 foot high stone obelisk that is the tallest structure in Vermont. It is a popular tourist attraction.

Bennington has ready access to natural resources and waterpower, and a long history of manufacture, primarily within wood processing. The town is also recognized nationally for its pottery, iron, and textiles.

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