Luxury Advertising Information Advertising Opportunities has created a new paradigm in the luxury travel advertising. We focus on luxury! We target luxury clientele. will work closely with your company to design a specific plan that meets all your advertising objectives. We have many options including non-traditional approaches to deliver your company’s message. If you are interested in advertising on’s web site, check the rates below to see which fits your specific needs.

If you are interested in targeting affluent travelers and gaining tremendous exposure then you’ve come to the best place. Since its inception in 1998,, ( TW ) has been customizing up-scale travel for the highly discerning sophisticated travelers. We have provided our luxury travel services to over a million loyal customers. Our average vacation is approximately $7600 per trip.

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We have had over 300 million video views of our advertiser’s videos since January 1st. Note: Our videos are syndicated on thousands of the best websites in the U.S. and Canada.

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Other Direct Benefits: Increased Bookings and Exposure to Millions of very upscale, qualified travelers.

Virtuoso Travel Advisors work in a Travelwizard proprietary system that selects featured luxury travel vendors for them to sell. For our platinum partners we offer featured placement in our websites, highlighting partner products and specials to our Virtuoso agents, resulting in increased bookings. Your products, videos, itineraries, and specials will be featured in our Virtuoso Travel Advisors collateral. You can send us up to four specials, which are placed on our websites and inventory, and are sent to our Travel Advisers within an hour. Our consumer website content is coupled with our agents via our system with the offers you provide to give you proven increased bookings.

We are excited to offer this new advertising program to our vendor partners. We have already proven its effectiveness and look forward to working with you to enhance your advertising efforts in the luxury travel market. You can also contact TravelWizard at your convenience to discuss this Advertising Program at and we will contact you. reserves the right to qualify all properties. We strive to keep only the finest quality properties and service providers our websites to assure a high level of customer satisfaction. maintains a daily vigilance in keeping this advantageous status unrivaled. works closely with our advertisers to design a plan that meets their marketing objectives. Non-traditional approaches to delivering your company’s message include more integrated advertising, category exclusivity, promotions, and sponsorship’s for major sections on Travelwizard’s websites.

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