Kenya Luxury Tour Vacations

A Kenya safari tour is the ultimate African vacation. Throughout Kenya, distinctive environments are home to diverse ethnic groups and an equally broad range of wildlife. Kenya is a land of contrasts, and nowhere is this more apparent than in its range of altitudes. The hills and mountains of Kenya are a world apart from the lowland valleys and plains.

High altitude Kenya offers something for everyone. There are refreshing hill walks through bird rich areas or more active hikes into mountain forests. Above all there is mighty Mt Kenya, whose slopes are the perfect trekking destination. The mountain’s alpine peak is a challenging technical summit for the experienced mountaineer. Kenya has spectacular forests, from coastal forest, through central high mountain forests to the thick wet rain-forests of the West.

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These forests support more than just a diverse range of tree and plant species; they are also the territory of a wide range of wildlife, from rare chameleons to elephant herds, elusive leopards to colorful butterflies, monkey families and prolific bird life. Kenyan forests offer the traveled a wide range of options, from treetop lodges to trekking trails. Kenya straddles the center of the Great Rift Valley, the vast prehistoric fissure that stretches from Jordan to Mozambique. From the North to the South of Kenya, the valley is lined with a series of freshwater and soda based volcanic lakes.

Travelling from lake to lake is a journey through a world of contrast: From papyrus fringed Naivasha with its abundance of bird life, through Nakuru with its famous flamingo population, the steam geysers of Bogoria, the crocodiles and hippo of Baringo and North to the mighty Jade Sea of Turkana … Maasai Mara is widely recognized as the finest reserve in the country. In July and August, thousands of wildebeest and zebra migrate here, providing an endless banquet for the larger predators and an unforgettable spectacle for visitors. In the warm north, home to the Samburu people, the permanent waters attract a plentiful array of wildlife.

Lake Nakuru is one of the finest bird sanctuaries in the world. Kenya’s coast has beautiful white beaches and turquoise seas, and is where the wilderness meets the ocean. The coast has many great attractions: Lamu Island combines gorgeous white sand beaches with archaeological sites that open a window on pre-colonial African history; and Malindi boasts superb fishing, surfing, and snorkeling. You may also like to combine a visit to Kenya with Tanzania, or other nearby countries.

The Kenya coast has an exotic history, its calm blue waters were the traditional passage of the Arabian Spice Trade. Along the length of this coast, ancient Arab and Portuguese forts, Old Towns and the overgrown, deserted ruins of Swahili outposts have a fascinating history. In the winding medieval streets and bustling markets of Lamu and Mombasa Old Town, life has continued unhurried and unchanged for more than 400 years. Kenya,™s two largest cities, Nairobi and Mombasa have all played a vital role in the nations eventful history.

Mombasa is an island city whose magnificent fort and harbor have been center stage for hundreds of years of turbulent history. The railroad made it first distant outpost in a swampy highland plain that became the small town of Nairobi, now the Kenya’s busy modern capital. The rail link between the two cities forged a link of national unity and become the lifeblood of Kenya. Together these two cities paint a vivid portrait of Kenya. They create a diverse melting pot of races and traditional and modern cultures, with a history as rich as the natural wealth of the country itself.

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