Brunei offers a wide choice of hotels, guesthouses and serviced apartments in the capital and throughout the country. Hotel accommodation in Brunei Darussalam caters to all types of visitors, from luxury to business to tourist class.

From history, we know Brunei as a powerful kingdom. Today, the Sultanate is shrunken and very few people could actually locate its precise position on the globe. Brunei, however, is often cited as the perfect example of comfortable affluence and incredible wealth flaunted before the eyes of impoverished neighbors.

Jammed in between Sarawak and Sabah and just 2,248 square miles (5,765 sq. km) in area, it lies on the northwest coast of Borneo, divided in two by a region of Sarawak which extends to the sea on either side of the Limbang river. 85% of the country is covered by jungle. Apart from the coast road which leads from Sarawak into the capital, there are very few paved roads in the country.

Brunei is a tiny, but rich Islamic Sultanate on the northwest coast of the island of Borneo. The capital, Bandar Seri Begawan, is the only major city. Tourist facilities are good, and generally available.

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