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In China’s expansive territory, there are many beautiful mountains and rivers. Some demonstrate capricious climates and exhilarating scenery while others depict quiet and colorful pictures of nature.

Dawang Peak

Wawang Peak, the highest one, is the prime scenic spot in Wuyishan. The peak, towering into the clouds, has the shape of the kings crown. So it has gained the name of Dawang Peak

(Grand King Peak). On the foot of the peak, there is the Wuyi palace, built in Tang Dynasty (618 -907). It used to be the place where former emperors held memorial ceremonies.

Yunu Peak

Yunu Peak (Jade Lady Peak) in Wuyishan, on the bank of the winding creek, looks like a standing pretty lady in shape. On top of the peak, trees and bushes form the shape of the hair, and the peak has a legendary story. It is said that Jade Lady was the daughter of the Jade Emperor – supposedly ruling the earth in the Heaven. Jade Lady fell in love with the Grand King who lived on earth, and they secretly got married. The Jade Emperor was greatly annoyed and exercised magic power to turn them into rocks. Even now on Yunu Peak stands a mirror shaped round rock engraved with two Chinese characters Mirror Table, which is said to be the place where Jade Lady combed her hair. The pool at the foot of the peak is called Bathing Lady Pool.

Tianyou Peak

Tianyou Peak is crowned No.1 scenic spot in Wuyishan. It is located in the section of the Jiuqu Creek. On top the peak tourists, taking a bird’s-eye view of the creek, watch the ever-changing clouds, as if traveling in the paradise.

Gulangyu Islet in Xiamen (Amoy)

Gulangyu Islet, with an area of 1.77 square kilometers, is separated from Xiamen by a narrow strait five hundred meters wide, and has gained the good reputation of Garden on the Sea. The name Gulangyu means Islet of Drumbeat Wave. It is surrounded by sea, with beautiful beaches of golden sands caressed by surf. The islet is hilly, covered by green and luxuriant trees. Architectural styles of the buildings are various – many 18th century European style buildings. Residents on the Islet have a liking for music. There are more than 500 pianos in peoples homes. Therefore, the Islet is also known as Islet of Music. Scenic spots include Sunlight Rock, Sunlight Temple, Shuzhuang Garden, Zheng Chenggong Memorial Hall and Haoyuan Garde

Lijiang River

The Lijiang River rises from the Maoer Mountains northeast of Guilin. Winding its way through Guilin and Yangshuo down into the Xijiang River in Wuzhou, its course oof 437 kilometers is flanked by green hills and beautiful scenery. A river cruise (83 kilometers) between Guilin andYangshuo offers you a rare opportunity to enjoy the most magnificent scenery in China. Special attractions along the river cruise are the Elephant Trunk Hill, Tunnel Hill, Pagoda Hill, Crown Hill, Yellow Cloth Hill, Nine-Horse Mural Hill, Embroidery Hill, and Green Lotus Peak. Traveling at different times and in different weather conditions offers kaleidoscopic views. The river cruise makes one feel as if traveling in front of a huge traditional Chinese landscape painting. The Lijiang River cruise is a must for every tourist in Guilin.

Huangshan Mountain

Huangshan Mountain in east Chinas Anhui province is one of Chinas best-known scenic spots, celebrated for having all the wonders of mountain scenery characterized by spectacular rocky peaks, odd-shaped pines, crystal-clear mountain springs and seas of clouds. Known as the No. 1 Mountain Under heaven, it possesses of distinguished features. The main peak Lianhua Peak is 1,840 meters above sea level. There is plentiful rainfall in Huangshan Mountain. Therefore there are thick forests. Natural scenery in the area changes beyond prediction. Xu Xiake, a noted Chinese traveler, praised Huangshan Mountain as the best of all mountains.

In December,1990 The Huangshan Mountain was listed in the Chronology of Recognition of World Heritages in China.

Beihai in Huangshan

Beihai Scenic Area is in the central part of Huangshan Mountain. It is a good place to view the sunrise and sunset. There are the Pai Yun (Cloud Dispersing) Pavilion, the Shi Xin (Seeing is Believing ) Peak – the most elegant and refined one of the 72 peaks, Shisun Peak (Bamboo Shoot Peak), and Qingliangtai (Refreshing Platform).

Shixin Peak in Huangshan (Seeing is Believing Peak)

Shixin Peak, in eastern Huangshan Mountain, attracts the greatest number of tourists. People say of it : The beauty of Huangshan is unbelievable until you reach this peak. That is why it is named Seeing is Believing Peak. The deep chasm below Shixin Peak is the home of the Huangshan Monkey.

Lianhua Peak in Huangshan (Lotus Flower Peak)

Lianhua Peak, the highest peak in Huangshan Mountain, is 1,860 meters above sea level. It is shaped like a lotus flower in blossom, with steep slopes and rocky peaks around. On top of the peak is a boat shaped rock named Boat for Picking Lotus Seeds. Tourists, standing here, look around as if they were reaching the sky.

Yuping Pavilion in Huangshan (Jade Screen Pavilion)

Yuping Pavilion, 1,680 meters above sea level, is known as the Jade Screen of Heaven. It offers an excellent view of the whole mountain. A unique experience here is to watch white clouds drift below after rain, when picturesque mountain peaks, fantastic rock formations and green pines are enveloped in mist, with only their tops showing. In front of the pavilion there are the Guest-greeting and Farewell Pines.

Tiandu Peak in Huangshan

Tiandu Peak, at the height of 1,810 meters, is fascinating. It has the most precipitous view. The name Tiandu means Heavenly Capital. A traveler who failed to reach the top sighed as he composed this poem:

How I wish I could ride a crane some day

To view the sea of clouds over Tiandu Peak.

The top of the peak is flat with a natural cave, which can hold more than one hundred people.

The saying goes: without reaching Jade Screen Pavilion, a panoramic view of the mountain is impossible; without climbing Tiandu Peak, your trip is in vain.

Feilai Rock (Fallen Rock from Sky)

In the west part of Huangshan Mountain, there is a huge rock on the Feilai Peak. The rock is 10 meters high, standing alone on top of the peak. The base of the rock is separated from the peak. So it looks as if it had fallen from the sky. As the rock is shaped like a pear, it is also named Pear Peak.

Huangguoshu Waterfalls

Located 43 km southwest of Anshun, Huangguoshu Waterfalls is a magnificent scenic spot in Guizhou. When Baishui River reaches Huangguoshu, there is a drop of 74 meters into the Rhinoceros Pool. When water falls into the pool, it produces thunderous sound, which can be heard at a distance, and the mist from the falls carries to the local villages during the rainy season, which lasts from May to October. It has been found out that the falls in Huangguoshu consist of 18 falls on the ground and 4 underground falls.

Tianzi Mountain Scenic Area

The king of the peaks in Wulingyuan is the Tianzi Mountain. Local legends say that an ancient Tujia chieftain who aspired to become Tianzi (Son of Heaven), gathered his people and launched an uprising on this peak. This is a virgin land teeming with mystery. There is a flyover, two pools, three ancient temples, four gates, five waterfalls, six caves, seven scenic spots, 84 natural view platforms and 9,990 peaks. Major sights include the forest of peaks and rocks, the Heavenly Pool, the Temple of Son of Heaven and Waterfall of Lovebirds.

Tianchi Lake in Changbaishan Mountain

Tianchi, “Lake of the Heaven”, is in the Changbaishan Mountain (Ever-White Mountain). The lake is a volcanic crater-lake, five kilometers from north to south, 3.5 kilometers from east to west, and 13 kilometers in circumference. it is surrounded by jagged rock outcrops and peaks; three rivers run off the lake, with a rumbling 68-meter waterfall – the source of Songhua and Tumen Rivers. Tianchi Lake is the deepest lake in China, and a lake which divides China and Korea. In this area there are Junior Tianchi Lake, Jing Lake, Changbai Hot Spring and many other natural scenic spots.

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