Even in Laos’s capital, Vietenne, the pace of life is as unhurried as the Mekong River… The cares of the modern world seem far away as you spend your days browsing for hand-woven cloth in the Morning market – soaking in a traditional herbal sauna run by monks,, or relaxing in the grounds of one of the city’s many pagodas.

The Capital City of Laos is Vientiane. The city has a population of 461,300. This is a very busy city that is incredibly interesting. Luxury travel in Laos: In Luang Prabang, Laos’s former imperial capital and monastic center, the sense that you’ve travelled back in time is more palpable still. As you wander past French colonial villas, royal pavilions and golden-roofed temples, it’s easy to imagine that you’ve been transported to the nineteenth century!’s Virtuoso travel agents can have you traversing the staircase leading up to Phu Si, the temple-studded hillside that dominates Luang Prabang – set in a grove of frangipani trees. The fallen blossoms carpeting your path as if sprinkled there in welcome. Once home to the royal court, Luang Probang is also Laos’ religious capital with dozens of pagodas all within easy walking distance.

Luxury travel in Laos: Laos is also the home to the Plain of Jars – one of the great mysteries of history. Legend has it that the more than three hundred several ton jars were left by the 6th century Chinese King Khun Jeuam as vessels for rice and wine to celebrate his army’s conquest of Chao Angka. Other theories are they were used for burials,¦ but no one knows for sure. All historians know is somehow they have survived numerous wars, floods and the ravages of time!

The United Nations recently named the Plain of Jars as a World Heritage Site. There is so much to see and to experience in Laos, the festivals, the historic attractions and cultural events that it is wise to have an experienced tour guide.

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