Singapore is a wonderful mix of the Far East at the crossroads of Asia. Singapore lies strategically poised at the tip of the Malay Peninsula. Once a sleepy fishing village, Singapore is now considered by many to be the most modern city in all of Asia. Since gaining full independence from Malaysia in 1965, the absorbing city-state of Singapore – which measures just 360 square miles and is linked by a half mile-long causeway to southern Malaysia – has been transformed from a quiet colonial town to a pristine, futuristic metropolis.

It’s one of Southeast Asia’s most accessible destinations, with a downtown area dense with towering skyscrapers and gleaming shopping malls, while sprawling new towns ring the center, with their own separate communities and well-planned facilities.

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Visitors prepared to peer beneath the state’s squeaky-clean surface will discover a profusion of age-old buildings, values and traditions that have survived in the face of profound social and geographical change. And the island has not been overwhelmed by development – even as you make your way in from the airport, you’ll be struck immediately by Singapore’s abundance of parks, nature reserves, and lush, tropical greenery.

Singapore’s unique customs and colorful festivals of the different ethnic groups highlight the nation’s incredible cultural heritage. Singapore’s people are largely descendants of immigrants from the Malay Peninsula, China, the Indian sub-continent and Sri Lanka. They have slowly acquired a distinct identity as Singaporeans while still retaining their traditional practices, customs and festivals.

Expect exciting performances this year from international acts from the likes of global superstar Katy Perry, Maroon 5, and Bananarama amongst many others. The GP turns the town into a world-class event, creating unique experiences and offers a compelling reason to stay an extra day or two to give you more time to explore Singapore and its numerous tourist attractions such bum boat rides around Clarke Quay or, getting your cultural fix in Little India or Arab Street.

Stroll around China Town which is full of strange little shops selling everything from plastic Buddhas to dried seahorses! Following ,˜a hard night,™s race,™ watching, there’s nothing like celebrating with a flute of the finest champagne on board Singapore Flyer and enjoying the breathtaking, panoramic views of the city skyline on board the world’s largest observation wheel.

Singapore’s rich dining, shopping and culture, is at an arm’s length on the small island. We can arrange accommodation in a superb 4 or 5 star hotels, centrally located and within minutes, walk from the Singapore Grand Prix circuit, surrounded by excellent restaurants, cafe and bars, combined with general admission or grandstand race tickets. Contact us today to book your trip to Singapore.

About Singapore: The, “Lion City” is by far the largest and most significant island alongside 63 others that make up Singapore state. Here, Asian tradition meets modern technology – gleaming skyscrapers tower over traditional architecture, while squat Chinese and Hindu temples dot the city. A curious blend of ancient and modern, the city is home to an ethnic mix of Chinese, Singaporeans and Indians, in a predominantly English-speaking society. Despite its rather sanitized reputation, Singapore is anything but dull.

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