The Experience

California’s Desert Wonderland

The names are ominous. Death Valley. Dante’s View. Badwater. Yet there’s striking beauty. And opportunity for great pleasure. It’s almost as if someone wanted to keep it to themselves. Make you believe it’s just a mirage. But you know better. So you soak it in. The rippling sand dunes. Brilliantly colored mountains. Isolated valleys. Plants and animals thriving amid the topographic extremes and ever-changing weather. Now you’re one of them. Savoring unforgettable views. Tackling steep bike rides. And basking in the warm rays of the sun. With nothing but good omens in sight. Delight in the peacefulness of the desert Dramatic Dante’s View, offering a red-tailed hawk’s perspective on Death Valley Bike across salt flats to the lowest point in the US Amble among rock formations that look like Neapolitan ice cream Zabriskie Point, with an extraordinary panoramic view of the Panamint Range


DAY 1 Delight in the peacefulness of the desert For an excellent introduction to the natural wonders you’ll experience during your trip, have a look around the Death Valley National Park Visitor Center Your first ride is highlighted by sights both grand and intimate, from immense sand dunes to salt-tolerant pickleweed. DAY 2 Bike across the giant Salt Playa to the lowest point in the US and see if you feel any different at 282 feet below sea level Desert illusions of water might just mesmerize you Opt for a round of golf or kick back and relax at Furnace Creek, a natural oasis where 50 freshwater springs provide water for drinking, showers, irrigation and even the swimming pool. DAY 3 Dramatic Dante’s View, offering a red-tailed hawk’s perspective on Death Valley It’s a challenging climb to get there – more than 5,000 feet in less than 30 miles, but you can always get a lift in the van Relish the breathtaking 360-degree panorama, featuring snow-covered Telescope Peak framed by Devil’s Golf Course and the Panamint Mountains In the mood for a fast technical descent? Get set to brave the downhill to the desert floor. DAY 4 Zabriskie Point, the park’s most celebrated vista Hike through out-of-this-world rock formations resembling Neapolitan ice cream From the point, enjoy an eyeful of the spectacular Panamint Range, the badlands’ yellow sandstone and ancient lava flows in the Black Mountains to the south.


The Route

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