St Lucia Luxury Vacations

On your St Lucia vacation the 2,600-foot twin peaks of the Pitons on Saint Lucia’s southwest coast are among the most beautiful sights in the Caribbean. There are quaint fishing villages, beautiful beaches, enchanting waterfalls and a lush rain forests. Still untamed and relatively unknown as a tourist destination, Saint Lucia is one of the Windward Islands of the Lesser Antilles. St. Lucia is half way down the Eastern Caribbean chain between Martinique and Saint Vincent, and north of Barbados Island.

The majority of the St. Lucia population lives in the north around Castries, the capital and main port. Inland. St. Lucia’s mountainous land is covered by a dence jungle and lovely banana plantations.

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Saint Lucia has a broad selection of exciting activities for every type of vacationer. Water sports are very popular at the large hotels. They have lots of fun equipment for windsurfing, waterskiing and boating.

Our travel agents  just visited Saint Lucia and wrote: “St. Lucia…green, lush, hilly, banana plantations (did you know that after a banana tree produces a bunch of bananas, the tree is cut down and one of the suckers grows up to take to produce the next bunch?), home made rum (very potent!!), small traditional fishing villages, in contrast to the modern large cruise ship port, Sandals Resorts and golf course!”

When travelling on a small sailing ship we either tendered ashore into quiet areas or ported at small wharfs not needing the huge cruise ship port facilities. This means that when we get ashore we are not among thousands of passengers just off a huge ship…it is rather nice to arrive with only a relatively few people into a port.

In St. Lucia we tendered ashore onto a small jetty in the national park and were surprised later to see a huge Holland America ship in port on a different part of the island….one of the perks of small ship sailing that one doesn’t realize right off. Another surprise about St. Lucia was the ship from the Hollywood movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” the “Black Pearl” is kept in St. Lucia and you can book a sunset sail aboard her….who knew!!! I discovered this too late but will certainly remember to tell people about it who are going to St. Lucia!”

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