The Experience

Trinidad and Tobago, though one nation, could not be more different. While one would visit Trinidad for its spectacular nightlife and bountiful shopping, Tobago is for those interested in experiencing a relaxing tropical Eden with secluded beaches and a lush rainforest filled with exotic flora and fauna. To get to Tobago there are flights available direct from England, Germany and the USA as well as connections with regional airlines.

Coco Reef is situated on the beautiful southwestern coast of Tobago in the town of Crown Point. It is a short drive from Crown Point International Airport (five minutes) and five miles from the capital city, Scarborough.

Within Crown Point there are two banks, ATM machines just a short walk off property, restaurants and bars, mini marts, and two of the island,™s most popular beaches ,“ Store Bay and Pigeon Point. Store Bay is to the west of Coco Reef and the world famous Pigeon Point Heritage Park is to the East.

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