Prague is the biggest and the capital city the Czech Republic and overlooks the Vitava River. This is one of the most interesting tourism attractions in Europe, with beautiful castles, an ancient old town and numerous historical buildings.

There lots of interesting museums, theaters, fine restaurants with exciting cuisine and many other cultural attractions.

Here’s a few of the most popular attractions in Prague:

The Prague Castle and its crown jewels, Old Town, New Town for shopping, the Prague, the Vyšehrad Castle with Basilica of St Peter and St Paul, the Vyšehrad cemetery and Prague oldest Rotunda of St. Martin, the Prague Zoo, the Prague Metronome in Letna Park, the National Gallery and the Art Nouveau Museum.

Founded in the 1300’s, the Charles University in Prague is oldest university in Central Europe. Prague is home to dozens of fine schools and collages.

For you river cruisers, the are numerous river cruise companies passing through Prague on the way across Europe.

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