The Experience

Kanantik Reef & Jungle Resort

As close as you’ll ever come to the Garden of Eden. More than where we are, Belize is who we are. Kanantik offers the country’s most authentic Belizean experience, located on the most coveted acreage of countryside. Only Kanantik brings you the very best of Belize’s mysterious jungle, gorgeous sandy beaches, ancient Mayan ruins, cascading waterfalls, and one of the Western Hemisphere’s premier diving reefs.

Sheltered by palm trees on 1300 lush acres in Southern Belize, Kanantik kisses the edges of the nearby Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, a jaguar preserve and bird-watcher’s paradise. Our 25 private stand-alone cabanas open onto the clear azure waters of the Caribbean, with only a small stretch of sandy beach between you and the ocean.

On any given day, you can hike to the top of a waterfall overlooking the jungle canopy, dive a reef site you’ll most likely have all to yourself, attempt to decipher the markings on an ancient Mayan ruin, and still have time to watch the sun set over the mountains from your hammock on your personal cabana deck. The area surrounding Kanantik is filled with secret finds waiting to be discovered, and our knowledgeable guides know the most scenic routes to them all.

Can luxury and nature live together? We believe they can. Kanantik Reef & Jungle Resort is a model of success in sustainable, eco-sensitive and low-impact design that preserves the natural surroundings while providing a superior resort experience. Located in a secluded and untouched region of Southern Belize, Kanantik is as rare and extraordinary as the land around us. We are committed to protecting
this land so that our guests may continue to enjoy and experience
it just as Mother Nature intended.

Kanantik’s 25 luxurious private cabanas, salt-water pool and world-class restaurant are found on 1300 acres of untouched jungle, home to a menagerie of wildlife and flora. Neighboring the resort is the acclaimed Cockscomb Basic Wildlife Sanctuary, a preserve for the elusive jaguar. In their natural journeys across the jungle, tropical birds and animals, including jaguars, make occasional appearances at our resort. Sharing these rare and unforgettable sightings with our guests is one of our most pleasurable rewards.

With the jungle and mountains behind us, Kanantik looks out over the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. No other resort in Belize offers this magical blend of jungle refuge and tropical beach — all yours to enjoy right outside your cabana door. This unique and secluded setting makes Kanantik the ideal destination for divers, trekkers, honeymooners and eco-adventurers who appreciate Belize’s natural beauty and wilderness as much as we do.

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