The Experience

Hamadryade Lodge is located in High Amazon Region (near Misahualli), on 64 hectares on the bank of the Rio Napo up to the border of Valle Hermosa and Ponceloma’s communities, and the Biosphere Reserve of “Galeras/Sumaco”.

This ecosystem, even if it is still the Amazon rainforest is different from the Coca/Yasuni region : we are at 500mts altitude with hilly topography. Because of that, the climate is pleasant all year round (avg 24°C), the absence of swamps make an easy access to more remote primary rainforest and of course we don’t have mosquitoes/malaria problems.

Our tours go through the Sumaco/Galleras BIOSPHERE Reserve or the Jatun Sacha Biological Reserve, where people can enjoy pristine primary and secondary rainforest and see a large variety of wildlife (Saddleback monkeys, cappuccino monkeys,… Tucans, tucanillos, parrots and many more…).

This particular topography give us also a fantastic asset here : whitewater rivers. The Tena region is famous for those rivers and a lot of people come during the US winter season to enjoy them. We have Class II rivers for families with children, up to class V rivers for adventurous rafting fans and advanced kayakers.

We still organize tours to the Gareno Wuaorani communities, and the ShiriPuno and Santa Barbara Kichwa communities.

As for the Lodge itself, those offers us a beautiful view over the rainforest and the Napo river.

Enjoy your meals with a breathtaking view and indulge your senses with a French and international cuisine. With your dinner you may choose a wine from our South American selection, and afterwards enjoy a relaxing time in our Salon witnessing the nightlife awakening as the night grows deeper.

Our natural rainwater swimming pool and the largest butterflies garden in the Oriente are for you to enjoy. You can also wander on the promenade tracks through the surrounding Rainforest.

The drive is about 3 1/2 hours from Quito via Baeza and Tena to Puerto Mishuali. Click here for maps.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Click here for photos and information
The lodge is an opening within the rainforest; an elegant example of contemporary architecture nestled at the heart of an exuberant nature. Because of the small size, we are able to take care of our clients ourselves and always offer a personalized service and be there for them. There are a total of 5 bungalows.

WHY HAMADRYADE? – in their own words:

The climate which is more pleasant and easier to bear, especially when you are trekking in the Jungle.
The absence of diseases related to the presence of swamps in the lower parts (malaria and such), not talking about the nuisance brought upon people 24/7 by all sorts of insects breeding in swamps and shallow still waters
The sturdier terrains that allow an easier access through the jungle all year round, and allow hikers to quickly reach primary forests (usually a few kms away from a major river, which influences the ecosystem not allowing the forest to grow primary)
The view that people can have from natural points on the Amazon rainforest and the river system
The greater variety of activities that can be offered, with the white water rivers all around going through impressive canyons in the Rainforest
The very easy access to this area. THE LODGE IS ONLY 3H30 AWAY FROM QUITO BY CAR. And tours are easier to organize for agencies, not having to add a day just for the trip by plane down river.
Now, regarding why Hamadryade stands out. To people who come to enjoy and discover nature, we offer calm and exclusivity. We only have 5 bungalows on a 2 hectares opening. It seems hard to enjoy the wilderness and the natural state of the jungle when having up to 80 people to share it with you.

The activities also are run in the same spirit, we keep the groups small, 4 people usually and we adapt everything to people’s whishes and possibilities.

The Waorani communities in the Gareno area is a great opportunity to discover those communities, accompany them in the jungle through their everyday activities and see the amazing wildlife in those remote parts of the Rainforest (the Harpies eagles are still seen there).

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