Mediterranean Luxury Cruises, Tours and Vacations

Mediterranean vacations are one of the most popular destinations in the world. Charming people, beautiful islands rich in history, and food to delight the most discerning. There are thousands of islands in the Mediterranean Sea to choose from. It is the world’s largest inland sea. It connects with the Atlantic Ocean through the Strait of Gibraltar; with the Black Sea through the Dardanelles, with the Sea of Marmara, and the Bosporus; and with the Red Sea through the Suez Canal. We specialize in all luxury cruises in the Mediterranean; fun small ship cruises that include escorted, experiential tour packages and lots of fabulous yacht charters.

Whether you know where you want to go or would appreciate inspiration, our Virtuoso Travel Advisors will make planning loads of fun, save you lots of time and get you more bang for your bucks. It helps us help you if you begin with our, Vacation Planner at the bottom of this page and we will be happy to assist you at no extra charge.

Have you ever dreamed of chartering a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean with a professional crew and cruising among these beautiful islands? We can make your dream come true, whether your a first time yachtsman, or if this will be your first adventure on the blue sea, you’ll find that the Mediterranean is one of the most popular places on earth for sailing, cruising, yachting, appreciating the diverse island cultures, stunning island beaches, and beautiful climate.

There are literally dozens of cruises and windjammers to chooses from. also have hundreds of spectacular private yacht charters available. There is such a diverse selection of Islands its hard to choose which to try first.The birth of civilization was born here, so cultural excursions are extremely popular in the islands. If you enjoy rich history, you will love the Mediterranean Islands. Scuba diving in the Mediterranean is unique, being the cradle of civilization the bottom is littered with historical artifacts.Some of the world’s most exotic, romantic resorts await your visit.They have spectacular spas, scuba diving, historical tours—you name it, the Mediterranean is one of the best places to choose your vacation.

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