A small but beautiful country, Montenegro is located in the Adriatic in Mediterranean in the southeast part of Europe. Croatia is a next door neighbor to the south, Bosnia to the north. Podgorica is the Capital City of Montenegro and it is also the biggest city in the country.

Montenegro has some awesome scenery, beautiful coastline and magnificent mountains. Tourism in Montenegro has been dormant after decades of political issues, however that is changing fast. The gorgeous coastline and scenic mountain villages and a rare treat, even to seasoned travelers. As a matter of fact, Montenegro is now the second fastest growing tourism country in the world.

Montenegro has a rich culture, exciting history, many interesting landmarks and delicious cuisine. The are numerous ancient old cities that are well preserved and a delight to visit and experience. Bring your camera.

You should consider Montenegro for your next vacation, as it has recently been discover by the rest of the world. A terrific hotel is theĀ Aman Sveti Stefan inĀ Sveti Stefan, a magnificent location!

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