Fakarava, this enchanting island is an untouched world where nesting birds and marine life live in harmony with the land and water.The rich underwater ecosystem is home to unusual birds, fragrant plants, and thousands of lovely seashells and its dive sites are virtually undiscovered. Life in here is very peaceful. Fakarava’s quaint villages, quaint coral churches, and welcoming people make is a rare vacation spot known by few people.

Fakarava is the latest Tahiti destination to welcome resort visitors, it was one of the first centers of population in Tahiti, and the ancient capital of the region. Its pristine lagoon is the second largest after Rangiroa and is rich with sea life below and above the surface and a prime example of nature at its finest. Fakarava’s atoll is a nature reserve for the preservation of rare species.

Life among Fakarava’s residents is centralized around the quaint villages of Rotoava and the Tetamanu.

The Maitai Dream: This hidden gem in the South Pacific is a small, but incredibly charming hotel, located in an exceptional location on Fakarava’s virgin lagoon in the Tuamotu Archipelago, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

This Fakarava hotel has only 30 bungalows offers all the comfort you can imagine in this dream like environment : all the bungalows are very spacious and offer the same amenities; the categories are determined by their disposition.

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