Yasawa Islands

The Yasawa Island group, 40 kilometers north west of Viti Levu, is comprised of six main Islands and numerous smaller Islands of vocanic origin. The Yasawa Islands have accommodations that range from ultra-luxurious five-star island resorts to simple backpacker accommodations. The Yasawa Islands are known for their beautiful white isolated beaches, prestine aquamarine waters and friendly natives. Yawini Island Drawaqa Island Yasawa Island has Yasawa Island Resort, a fine five star resort Nacula Island has one backpacker camp Masima Island has Likuliku Lagoon Resort Fiji’s newest five star resort Tavewa Island, has Navutu Stars Resort, plus a backpacker camp Yageta Island Kuata Island Resort Matacawa levu Island has Long Beach Resort Naviti Island has Korovou Eco-Resort, Manta Ray Resort and a backpacker camp Nanuya Balavu Island Nanuya Levu—Now known as Turtle Island, is five star resort where the movie “Blue Lagoon” with Brook Shields was filmed here. Nanuya Lailai has Nanuya Island Resort Nanuya-i-Ra Island Nanuya-i Yata Island Narara Island Naukacuvu Island Sawa-i-lau Island Tiliva Island Waya Island has Bayside Resort, Octopus Resort and Twin Bay Resort Waya Lailai has Wayalailai Ecohaven Resort operated by by local villagers Waya Laitai Island Waya Sewa Island Kuata has one backpackers camp Vawa Island Viwa Island Resort Begin with our Fiji vacation planner you’ll save time, get more value for your money and allow you travel to confidently. Plus, we’ll get you upgraded free and much more, like unbeatable airfare and luxury perks. We’ll do it all, air, car, accommodations, transfers, everything you need to fulfill your dream.

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