The Experience

Les Pres d’Eugenie-Michel Guerard Hotel

Countryside palace, romantic haven for the senses and pure therapy for the mind and body, this Family House invites you to happiness.

Enchanted gardens, an aristocratic dwelling, a symphonic cuisine.

In the kitchen, Michel Guérard creates celestial marvels.  Everywhere else lies Christine’s poetic touch…


The resort offers 40 apartments, suites and rooms, located in different historic buildings, spread across a 40-acre property, surrounded by flower gardens and all within walking distance. Each room is different and decorated with authentic pieces of furnishing, handpicked from the Guérard’s private collection of antiques : precious wood, persian rugs, period paintings, fresh flowers from the gardens, white marble…

Les Pres d’Eugenie – In a XIXth-century house, 20 bright suites and rooms from where you can admire the Estate’s rose and water gardens.  A sumptuous echo of bygone India, flirting gently with the soaring plane trees and the luscious leaves of banana, orange and palm trees.

Le Couvent des Herbes – Just moments away from the Main Mansion, this XVIIIth-century pastoral haven nestle close to aromatic herb beds. A romantic hideway, an arbour of ancient cedars bathed in the scent of roses, rosemary, melissa and verbena. Pale fruit woods, floor tiles polished with age, windows draped with embroidered linen.

l’Imperatrice – A satiny light fondles the antique wood panelling, the charm and grace of the Empress still float in the air. Josephine and Eugénie both left their spirit here to enthrall you and where you will enjoy the serene beauty of imperial suites.

Les Logis des Grives – Vast apartments where, like a memory of times past, the joys of childhood may be rediscovered.  Canopy beds and hollyhocks are the mood music for the Logis des Grives, an exquisite shelter where countryside style blends in perfect harmony with more sumptuous refinements.

Les Maisons Marines d’Huchet – At the end of a little country lane, where sky and ocean meet, lies a wooden hunting lodge, wild and mysterious.  Dunes, pine forest, soft water stream, endless shores, untamed waves, spray and sun, Robinson Crusoe would not have left this land of wind.  Two lodges, naïve and enchanting, where Nature rules.

The Cuisine

Les Prés d’Eugénie offers 3 cuisines created by Michel Guérard. The Chef, one of the leaders of Nouvelle Cuisine, in the 1960s, with Paul Bocuse, has been awarded 3 Michelin stars for 36 years.

Michelin Star Cuisine – “I cook as a bird sings Says the Master.  Free, Pure, Light, Joyful, Exquisite, Abundant, Serene, Smooth, Refi ned.

I play with the joy of flavours as Mozart played with notes, audacious, inquisitive and poetic.”  For 35 years now, three Michelin stars

distinguishes the chef’s cuisine!  Michel Guérard makes French tradition sublime, marrying History, Nature and the thrilling adventure of creation.

La Grande Cuisine Minceur – A magical symphony of cutting-edge recipes to slim down with pleasure.  Michel Guérard leads this culinary breakthrough, since 1975, when he founded this visionary philosophy. Feathery soufflé, aromatic consommé, frothy zabaglione…

La Ferme aux Grives – In the giant hearth that would have endeared Falstaff, golden suckling pigs, glazed chickens and tasty, purebred beef gently roast…

No need to be a genius to wield your silver spoon and tuck into delicious pain perdu, buttery tarts and chocolat en tasse…You’ll even be licking your fingers!

Michel Guérard has reinterpreted rustic cuisine, served in a terroir restaurant set in an XVIIIth-century inn.

In the Resort

The Loulou’s Lounge Bar – A hushed Gentlemen’s Lounge, to sip Majitas cocktails in cosy Chesterfields, cuddled up by the wood fire admiring the antique Library.

La Ferme Thermale Spa – Imperial farm and aquatic medicinal retreat, where time stands still.  Enjoy warm, pure, freely-flowing springs and entrust your body to expert hands and angelic smiles.  In this heavenly “Garden Spa”, peace and happiness start with a bath. The Spa offers individual treatments based on hot spring water and herbs from the gardens. There are several signature treatments such as the weightless white-mud bath.

Weightloss program – The Minceur Essentielle Program (9 or 12 day) offers a comprehensive strategy to lose weight : daily sessions with a private coach, targeted treatments, doctor check up, dietary follow-up, made-to measure and progressive diet with the delicious Cuisine Minceur Essentielle.

Cooking Lessons – Afternoon and week-long cooking lessons, in group or in private, held in the professional cooking school or in the 3-Michelin-star kitchen. You will discover with one of our Chefs de Cuisine the secrets of gourmet, healthy and rustic cuisines.

The Gardens – Gardens to stroll and dream in. Smell the pansies and irises, the jasmine, stroke the verbena, the lemon balm, the bay tree, Pick the apples, tomatoes and figs. Jump over the wave, here you are, brand new, in Paradise.  The great trees are watching you; they are three hundred years old.

Château de Bachen – Little hillside embroidered with ancient vines.  Crimson and golden shades decanted behind the Château’s stonewalls.  Baron, Barocco, Rosa la Rose…an harmonious collection honouring our Queen Alienor and her Duchy of Aquitaine. This XVIIth-century Estate was taken over by the Guérards in 1983. The castle and the winery may be visited, followed by a wine tasting session.

Le Comptoir d’Eugenie – Warm shawls, gossamer cardigans, linen tunics and trousers, espadrilles, fedoras, baskets, scented pouches, travel essentials, rustic tableware, beautiful books, flower waters, infusions and herbs…A country antique shop to please all your family and friends.  

The three-Michelin-stars chef who veritably transformed haute cuisine has also revolutionized the Gascony experience at Les Prés d’Eugénie. Culinary genius Michel Guérard and his wife, Christine Guérard, created this ethereal resort with 40 charmingly appointed guestrooms, suites and lodges. The aquatic spa includes a team of doctors, dieticians and physiotherapists for guests seeking optimal wellness, and three restaurants serve Guérard’s imaginative cuisines (three-Michelin-stars, spa and terroir) complemented by wine from the estate. There are also a swimming pool, tennis courts, gardens, bikes for exploring and numerous excursions.

Join a weeklong cookery master class with the kitchen team, exploring the intricacies of Guérard’s famed gourmande, terrienne and minceur cuisine. Distance from Pau Airport (PUF): 45 minutes Guests Receive:

  • Upgrade on arrival, subject to availability
  • Continental breakfast daily, for up to two in room guests
  • Private tour of Michel Guerard’s 3-Star Michelin kitchen
    • (led by General Manager)
  • Choice of Afternoon Tea for two OR Spa Treatment
    • (White Mud Bath) per room for up to two in-room guests
  • Early check-in/late check-out
    • subject to availability
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