Shipwreck Beach

Shipwreck Beach, near Kaiolohia Bay on the north shore near the end of Highway 430. The coast track running from road’s end is for 4WD vehicles and passes long stretches of beach and rocky coastline. The beach gets its name from the large World War II-era liberty ship sitting high on the reef.

This stretch of beach is good for exploring and sunning. Not recommended for swimming or snorkeling due to the strong currents throughout the area. The road to Ship Wreck Beach is very slippery in the rain. Its a long walk back to Lanai City where the jeep was rented. The drive is bumpy and rough, but worth every bit off effort when you arrive a the beach and realize you have it all to yourself. Note: Your cell phone probably won’t work if you get stuck–we discovered this the hard way. If you like privacy and a tranquil beach this is the perfect place to have and adventureous jeep ride, a great snorkeling spot and a wonderful place to enjoy a picknic with your family or sweetheart.

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