On Molokai you will experience untouched natural beauty and a unique cultural heritage. View the tallest sea cliffs in the world. Explore Molokai’s rainforests and ancient royal fish ponds or simply relax on Molokai’s largest white sand beach.

Molokai vacations are great for secluded honeymoon getaways, nature lovers that like exhilerating hiking and fun family adventures. There’s a quiet, but excellent golf course.

Moloka`i is the “Friendly Isle,” which is perhaps the most endearing trait of this small Hawaiian country community. Moloka`i has cattle ranching, small family farms, coffee orchards and a very rural laid-back atmosphere. It’s a place to unwind and escape life’s hectic pace.

On the North Shore are some of the world’s highest seacliffs, towering to 3,000 feet. Below the cliffs, on the Makanalua Peninsula, is the famed Hansen’s disease settlement at Kalaupapa where leprosy victims were banished in the 1800s. Quiet and rural, Molokai is home to laid-back, friendly people and few tourists.

Molokai is rich in arcgeological wonders and historical sites. If the everyday routine and the pace of the city gets to be too much, Molokai is the perfect getaway. No TVs, radios, worries ? lots of beauty, relaxation, recreation and rejuvenation await you.

Individual tentalows on private decks offer you the privacy you will not find at the average resort. Each Camp has its own unique beauty ? Kaupoa the charm of the ocean, Kolo the barren cliffs overlooking the beautiful ocean, Paniolo, the cool of the mountain plains looking down to the sea. We’ll they take care of all your transportation, meals and housekeeping, all you have to think about is relaxing.

Like all of Hawaii’s islands, a Molokai vacation has an incredible array of micro-climates. From lush tropical rainforest to dry desert; from steep green valleys to rolling plains; our island has it all. This diversity is a result of the influence of our prevailing trade winds. Windward areas, on the east and north sides of the islands receive the most rain. On the south and west drier conditions prevail. Perhaps most amazing, visitors can experience all of our island’s climates in a single day. And, it’s just about impossible to get lost driving around on Moloka`i, though you may want to try.

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