The Experience

At the edge of the world lies an oasis of stunning beauty.

An escape from the clamour of urban existence, where the mind is centred, the body healed and the senses awaken to the little wonders of creation. A place where the warmth of the sun rejuvenates the soul and a river meanders through the hollows and out of sight. This place is called Span Resort and Spa.

On the rocky banks of the river, isolated from the hum of tourist activity, the hotel offers a return to nature – the sensorial experience of being surrounded by ten acres of woodland, gardens and glacial mountain views. Escape the mad current, fast-forward metropolitan world, and ease into the intimacy of solitude.


The thirty six cottages spread over the property offer unhindered views of the river and peaks. At twilight, one can watch the sun set beyond the horizon from the sprawling wooden patios while the invisible crickets hum their night-songs. Complete with fireplaces, heaters, marble bathrooms, wooden flooring, satellite television, flat screens, coffeemakers, DVD players and a vast library of films to choose from, our rooms are designed for uninterrupted relaxation with all the conveniences of home. Whether one stays indoors or ventures out, the architecture of each cottage assures that they are always in the midst of nature, the misty banks of the Beas a stone’s throw away.

The Spa

With its four treatment rooms (including one couple room), our luxury spa boasts shower steams in every compartment, in addition a jacuzzi and sauna. Feel the tension drain away with body wraps of honey and sesame or a pampering bath in a sea of aromatic flowers. Our healing experts are trained in a variety of massages, from Abhyangam to Swedish, Deep Tissue to Balinese. Let your worries dissipate under their able hands, breathing new life into every weary muscle.

The serenity of this region makes it the perfect setting for yoga and meditation, conducive to unwinding and purifying the senses. For this reason, Span Resort and Spa has designed a seven days yoga package which includes accommodation, healthy vegetarian meals, daily yoga sessions, individual counselling, nature walks, visits to ancient temples and monasteries, as well as one Himalayan Ayurvedic massage at the resort’s luxury spa.

Wedding at Span Resorts
Host a celebration that leaves unforgettable and never ending memories for your guests. We at Span Resort & Spa take pride in making such a lifetime wonderful experience for you. Please contact our specialised wedding team for this beyond imagination event at the most iconic resort in the lap of himalayas.

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