North Island, Seychelles

North lies only a few miles north of Silhouette and is the smaller. North was one of the very first Seychelles islands to be visited in a 1609 expedition under Captain Alexander Sharpeigh who found the island to have excellent coconuts as well as a large population of giant tortoises.

Widely regarded as one of Seychelles’ most fertile islands, until recently North had been inhabited by small farmers growing vegetables, coconuts and engaging in fishing.

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There is an extraordinary six-star boutique eco-hotel on the island which promises an interaction with the island’s  environment. If you are looking for barefoot luxury experience you will be extremely pleased.

There is a wildlife sanctuary called  the “Noah’s Ark” project, this long-term plan to rehabilitate the island’s habitats seeks to protect endangered flora and fauna on the island and it’s precious endemic species.

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