Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the Star of Indian Ocean. The land of tropical beauty and a thousand breathtaking views. Enjoy the lush foliage of the country side, the verdant mountains full of tea gardens and the hospitality in our luxury hotels and resorts during the Sri Lanka Vacation.

The multi-colored rice paddies. The laid back village life. The never ending stretches of coconut fringed beaches. The exquisite underwater coral seascapes, cascading waterfalls, colorful festivals and pageantry, magnificent ancient cities, nearly half as old as time, and the flowers in all their glory, nature’s bounty in such abundance!

Sri Lanka is a feast for the eyes, full of friendly people, and unusual religious shrines. Elephants are frequently seen working in the forests. Also the romantic atmosphere of the Sri Lanka makes it a favorite place for Honeymooners, Weddings, and Romantic getaways. Its a lovers paradise! .

Sri Lankan cuisine is not as varied as that of India, but it’s equally delicious. The national dish is rice and curry, which consists of a mound of rice and several small bowls of curried vegetables or occasionally meat. You mix the curries and the rice to your own taste, but be warned: Sri Lankan curries can be very spicy; use a bit more rice if your palate is sensitive. You’ll also find excellent seafood along the coast, including local crab, prawns and tuna. Sri Lanka’s fecund landscape produces an astonishing variety of tasty fruit.

Waterfalls are one of the most fascinating natural phenomenon. They have charmed human beings from the beginning of time. Sri Lanka in comparison to its size has perhaps the largest number of waterfalls of any country in the world. There are about hundred major water falls and many more minor waterfalls in the island.

Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka, acclaimed as the best tea in the world has its inherent unique characteristics and reputation running through more than a century. The influence of climatic conditions of its plantation imparts to the product a variety of flavors and aromas, synonymous with quality.

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