The Experience

Welcome to Lenk in the Simmental Valley, nestled amidst unspoilt nature, mountains and water. It feels hours away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, a place where you forget the time and every moment is an intense experience.

As a gourmet spa resort we assume that you want to treat yourself to a welcome break with us and, in addition to the wonderful natural landscape of the Simmental valley, that you will find everything you could wish for in our resort. We are here to satisfy your wishes, with the superior quality of everything we offer in the hotel and its gastronomy, with warmth and sincerity on all occasions, with original yet stylish surroundings in all of the rooms as well as a large spectrum of choices in the wellness area.

Start with our vacation planner so we can match you with our most suitable travel advisor. We do it all for you, air, car, accommodations, tours, you name, it in a seamless luxury vacation experience you will treasure for a lifetime.